What is Japan Premium Beef?


Japan Premium Beef has been opened 

in NOHO area since May 2009.


We carry special Meat which is Beef(Washugyu)

& Mugifuji Pork & Duck.

Many custmers love to eat our beef!


Please feel free to drop in anytime.





What are Washugyu “和州牛”?

Washugyu are a crossbred of the famous Japanese Black Wagyu and

the finest American Black Angus. Washugyu are raised in State of Oregon in United States. In fact the name o this special breed, Washugyu has been trademarked worldwide.

  Washugyu have been raised under the strictest of standards  using proprietary feeding programs from japan that enhance the marbling and the flavor of the meat.

What makes Washugyu healthier and tastier?

Because of the unique feeding program, 

Washugyu have a softer fat which improves the meat flavor and taste.

The improvement is due to the high ratio of unsaturated fat to saturated fat.

This results not only in a “tastier” product but also in a “healthir” product.



What are Washugyu eating?

Washugyu have been raised without use of growth promotants and no added antibiotics.

Washugyu calves are fed their mother's milk by their age of 7 months. Then they are fed fiber rich nutrition in their young age. We gradually feed them higher energy feed.

By the time we finish them up at the age of 28 months, Washugyu are fed about

10 diffrent stages of feeding which are combination of grains such as corm, wheat, barley, alfalfa, rice straw etc...


The bottom line is our feeding program is totally same program which we use for Wagyu in Japan. The program is flexible and changed depending on the cattle condition.

Mr, Yano who is in charge of the feeding program dedicates his knowledge and his experience to Washugyu. we are proud of rasing Washugyu with authentic Japanese feeding program and supplying Washugyu.




We deliver for FREE in Manhattan.

Now, we are able to deliver  your order for free in Manhattan. Minimum order is $180.

Please call us for detail.

Washugyu is for sale on website!

  If you want to taste our beef at home,

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